To All People to Whom these Presents shall Come or many Concern, Wee Karahkondie, Orighjadickha, Hanarisso, Kanaquatho, Sachims of Canajohere of the three Races of Tribes, Named Bear, Wolfe, and Turtle Native Indians of the province of New York Send Greeting Known Yee that for Sundry good Causes and Considerations us Moveing and more Especially for and in Consideration of Five hundred Pounds in Strowd Kettles, Shirts, and other Merchandize to our satisfaction ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Received by the hands of Philip Livingston for and in behalf of Abraham Van Hoorne, William Provoust Esqr Mary Burnett and himselfe the Receipt whereof we do hereby Acknowledge and thereunto to be fully Paid ~ Contented and Satisfied wherefore Wee Have Given Granted Released and for Ever Quitt Claimed ~ And by these Presents do Give Grant Release and for Ever Quitt Claime until Our most gracious Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith Ct. his Heirs and Successors all our Right Title Interest Claime Property Possession and Demand--of to and in all that Certain Tract of Land Lyeing and being in the County of Albany on the South Side of the Maquase river beginning at a Place Called by the Natives, Kajuyouchtoohary ~ ~ ~ ~ Thence running up Westward along the Said River to a Certain Place Called by said Natives Onieyade being over against a Large Creek Thence into the Woods Southward Two English Miles, with all and all manner of Woods, Underwoods, Trees, Mines, Mineralls Quarries Hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever and the Preversion and Preversions, Remainders Rents Issues and Profits there of To have and to hold all and Singular the above bargained Premises with the Appurtenances to our said most Gracious Soveraign Lord his Heirs Successors & Assigns to the sole and only Prop[a tear in the deed] use benefit and behoofe of our Said most Gracious Soveraign his Heirs Successors and Assigns for Eve[a tear in the deed] In Witness whereof we have hereunto Sett our hands and Seals this Sixteenth ~ ~ day of February ~ Anno Domi One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty nine and Thirty ____

Karaghkondie    [followed by his totem mark]

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In Presence of

Onighjadickha    [followed by his totem mark]

Peiter Spue

Dirck Van Vechte[a tear in the deed]                                                                                        Hanarisso his mark    [followed by his totem mark]

Jam Stenhoufe

Kanaquatho    [followed by his totem mark]

[On the reverse of the deed is written]

Inds Deed


The Crown

16 Feby1729/30

on which the pat to

Abm Van Horne & others is


(Original deed in the possession of Gregory C. Hyde (a Descendant of “Old” George Klock and son of Thomas H. (Tom) Hyde, 3486 Cook Road, Gainsville, Georgia 30506)


Copy of the Deed of Release from the Partners in the Conajohare Patent to the Indians of that Castle bearing date the 22d. of Novemr. 1763 --

To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting, -- Know ye that we Philip Livingston, William Livingston, Walter Rutherford, William Burnet Brown, George Klock, and John Duncan part Owners of the Tract of Land granted to Abraham Van Home, William Prevost, Philip Livingston, and Mary, the Daughter of William Burnet Esqre. late Governor, and Commander in chief of the Province of New York by Letters Pattent bearing date the thirteenth day of November, one thousand seven hundred and thirty one for and in Consideration of the Sum of Five Shillings current Money of the Province of New York As also for divers others good Causes, and Considerations them thereunto Moving Have Remised, Released, and for ever quit Claim and by these Presents for themselves, and their Heirs Do fully clearly and absolutely Remise, release and forever quit Claim unto Johannes Carehoga, Kayinquerego, and Rakeridigha, in their full and peaceable Possession, and Seizin thereof now being, and to their Heirs for ever All their Right, Estate, Title, Interest, and Demand whatsoever of and in all That certain Tract and Parcel of Land Beginning at the Corner of Schuylers Fence upon the Mohock River, from thence Running South thirty Degrees West One hundred and sixty eight Chains to the Southermost Line of the said Patent, - Thence Running along said Line North forty eight Degrees West two hundred and eight four Chains, Thence North Eighty Degrees East one hundred & Sixty Chains to Trukannanodo Creek, --- Thence down the Mohock River the several Courses to the Beginning To have and to Hold all the said Tract, and Parcel of Land unto the said Johannes Carehoga, Kayinquerego, and Rakeredigha, and their Heirs for ever to the Sole and only proper use, and behoof of the said Johannes Carehoga, Kayenquerego & Rakeredigha and their Heirs for ever in Trust nevertheless to the only proper use and behoof of them the said Johannes Carehoga, Kayenquerego, and Rakeredigha, and all the rest of the native Indians belonging to the Conajohare Castle, and their Heirs for ever. So that neither they the said Philip Livingston, William Livingston, Walter Rutherford, William Burnet Brown, George Klock & Joh n Duncan nor their Heirs, nor any other Person, or Persons for them, or in the name. Right, or Stead of any of them, shall, or will, by any Ways, or Means thereafter have Claim, Challenge or Demand any Estate, Right, Tide, or Interest of, in, or to the said Premisses, or any Part or Parcel thereof, but from all, and every Action, Right, Estate, Title, Interest or Demand of in or to the said Premisses, or any part thereof they, and every of them shall be utterly excluded, & Barred by these Presents -- In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and Seals the twenty second Day of November in the Yeare of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred, and Sixty three. - -

[N.B. George Klock refused to sign this deed and at the time of the onset of the American Revolution, was still being pressured to do so by various parties.]

(Original deed in the possession of Gregory C. Hyde (a Descendant of “Old” George Klock), 6 Southern Woods Drive Northeast, Armuchee, Georgia 30105)




Dec. 1763

About eighteen or nineteen years ago Mr. [Edward] Collins Surveyor [David Schuyler] & Peter Waggoner told the Dept. at ye House that they [had] been up to survey the land at Conajoharee for Mr Livingston [ ] that they had proceeded up the river [in a Canoe] during the night [for that purpose, & that they came down the said River to the House of Schyler] which was moonlight [that said Collins had his Compass on Schuyler in a Canoe in which said Collins had his compass fixed, and the Canoe, & on coming down the River he took the several Cour(ses) thereof, & of the shore.] to a Creek called Onondaga on the Western Shore, that whilst Davd. Schyler, & Peter Waggoner were asleep the said Collins fixed his Compass at the Mouth of said Creek, & took a Course up into the woods, that before day next morning said Collins waked Davd. Schyler, & Peter Waggoner, who were surprised to see the Compass fixed, that thereupon said Collins bid them make haste, & embark in their Canoe for fear the Indns should discover them as they would knock them on the head -- that, on embarking in a hurry a Bag with Waggoners name on [it] & an axe were left behind which Waggoner was desirous to go fetch, but Collins prevented it saying, that those who had got the Land could easily afford to pay for them -- That they then proceeded [to the house down the River near to the where David Schyler now lives], said Collins having his Compass fixed in the Canoe all the way, and took the several Courses of the shore, that he desired said Schyler & Waggoner to make haste, & paddle briskly without [making a noise] touching ye. Canoe least the Indians Should hear them and that on coming to the place aforementioned they landed & [proceeded] said Collins & Waggoner proceeded to the house of said Waggoner where the Dept. then was, & when they informed him [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] (1) in particular [ ] [ ] has heard the said Waggoner [ ] [ ] the said affair in the same manner adding [ ] been discovered the Indians would certainly have killed [ ] & that he expected to have been very well payed for attend [ing] said Collins, but never received more than two Rix Dollars [at which he Was greatly distr][essed] That during the last war the Indians of Conajoharee occasioned a great alarm in that Neighbourhood, threatning to murder the Inhabitants, and the Dept. was informed that the Cause thereof was their having been cheated of their lands by the before mentioned Survey -- and further the Dept. sayeth not --

(Sir William Johnson Papers 10:993).

1. These empty bracketed spaces represent damage to the original manuscript caused by the 1911 New York State Library Fire.

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