The following family data was abstracted from a return signed by Mister Dwight and found in the Henry Glen Papers of the Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundation of the New York Public Library in New York, New York. *The numbers represented depict (in order) those living within his household in Fort Dayton on January 16, 1779 who were males of age 16 and over, females of age 16 years, and males and females under the age of 16.*


A Return of the Refugees who draw Provisions at Fort Dayton

The following above 16 ordered to be supplied with 1 lb of Flour & 1 lb of Beef each pr Day & under 16 Years but 10 each pr Day*

liut Collo Bellinger four-three-one; Capt Henry Harter four-three-seven; Thomas Fulmer three-one-five; Jacob Weaver Junr two-two-zero; Michl Folts one-one-one; Mark Edigh three-three-five; Joseph Folts one-one-five; Christian Regle one-one-four; Fredk Regle one-one-five; Fredk Helmer Junr one-one-three; Eliz: Dornberger zero-one-seven; C[onrad]d F[olt]s two-two-two; Peter Weber three-one-three; George Smith four-two-two; George Helmer one-one-four; George Hills Senr three-two-zero; Ase Frank zero-one-five; Stephen Frank one-one-zero; Margaret Passanger zero-one-four; Philip Helmer two-one-seven; Nichl Harter two-four-zero; Lawerence Harter Senr one-two-one; Jacob G. Weaver two-one-two; George Hills Junr two-three-two; Adam Smith one-one-four; John Christman Junr one-one-three; Ludowick Pierce one-one-one; John Bellinger two-one-one; Jacob Christman one-one-five; John Casler one-one-five; Jacob Bowman one-one-four;John Darmouth two-one-two; Fredk Harter [S] five-zero-four; George F N Weaver one-one-three; Adam Bowman four-one-two; Fredk Bowman one-one-one; Wm Petrie one-one-four; George Dochtader three-one-zero; Mary Moyer three-one-two; Mary Bell zero-two-three; Fredk Moyer one-one-five; Fredk Weaver one-one-zero; Wm Cunningham one-one-six; Jacob Bell one-one-six; Adam Helmer one-one-two; Eliz: Helmer zero-one-eight; Jacob Moyer two-two-five; Joseph Moyer one-one-five; Christian Edigh three-two-six; Jacob Pypher two-three-four; John Passanger one-one-three; Augustinus Hess one-one-two; Aggubert Bonnee one-one-two; John Frank one-two-five; Fredk Frank one-one-four; George Weaver one-one-one; Fredk Kepman Junr one-one-one; Henry Miller two-three-zero; Mark Räsbell two-one-five; Wm Kline one-one-five; Margaret Patre zero-one-four; Mary Oxner zero-one-four; Nichl Christman two-one-zero; Eliza Banker zero-one-two; Ludk Campbell one-one-one; John Campbell one-one-two; Rudolph Steel one-one-two; Barbary Clapsddle one-two-seven; Margt Sharer zero-one-two; Dorothy Bell zero-one-two; Hannah Schuyle[r] zero-one-four; Catharin Patre zero-one-four; Wm Shutes one-one-three; Elizah Stanion zero-one-four; Eliza Pr Fra [sic] zero-one-six; Eliza Hiller zero-two-four; Cathn Rinkle zero-two-three; Barbry Cunningham zero-one-three; John Christman one-one-one; John Smith one-one-one; Barbara Patre zero-one-four; Adolph Walradt one-one-three; and, Nichl Weber one-zero-zero.

The following are ordered to have ½ lb of Meat & ½ lb Flour pr Day

Adam Starring Senr one-one-four; Michael Edigh two-two-four; George Wents two-two-three; John Fox one-one-five; Peter Bellinger Senr two-two-four; John Osterout one-one-five; Fredk Kepman Senr two-three-three; Jacob Baseher three-four-three; Titherie Steel two-four-five; Jacob Falls two-two-five; Nichl H. Weaver one-one-six; Jacob Krim one-two-four; Peter Folts two-three-five; George Weaver three-two-one; John Moyer two-two-nine; Fradk Cast one-four-four; Mark Damout three-two-six; Christn Stroble two-one-zero; Nichl J Weaver one-one-four; John Davis one-one-six; Nichl Lighthall Senr one-one-one; Tim: Frank one-one-five; Coonrad Fulmer one-two-three; Nichl Lighthall Junr one-one-three; John Bellinger one-one-four; Peter Hoyer two-three-two; Peter Hock one-one-two; Jacob Brodhock one-one-one; Frederick Lepper one-one-one; and, Frederick Shutes one-one-six..

                                                                 Fort Dayton Jany 16th 1779

The foregoing is agreeable to the Returns of made to me by Collo Peter Bellinger. ——

         Attt Henry Wm Dwight

         Issuing : Commiry

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