Over the years of researching the history of Fort Plank and the Mohawk Valley, the author has came across the pensions of numerous individual with services in the State of New York, but outside of the Mohawk Valley Watershed. Initially the author made only crusory note of their service (e.g. a military unit or theater served within), but in later years he began to take note of the rank of the individual, the primary unit served within, and the names of those testifying on behalf of the pensioner. As these pages are only meant to serve as a guide to those seeking information on a particular unit or theater. It is also highly recommended that if you, the viewer, find a person or persons you are interested in you obtain a copy of the M804 Pension Record from the National Archives. Please avoid using the M805 Pension Series exclusively as it only contains only the ten pages considered most pertinent to a historian or genealogist by an Archive's Clerk. That said, it is highly recommended that you follow up any discovery in a M805 file (as available on Heritage Quests Internet Site) with a study of the complete M804 file.

Sincerely, Your Most Humble Servant,

Ken D. Johnson
Fort Plank Historian

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updated 20 February 2006